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Wahaca, Westfield London

Pre-trip planning is essential, and having a fairly strong following of foodies on twitter I decided to take a back seat and let them do all the work by tweeting recommendations on where to eat, and what to see. One that constantly came up was Wahaca, brainchild of Thomasina Miers, winner of MasterChef 2005. After looking through the menu online it was quickly scribbled onto the list.

Wahaca White City

We arrived in London on the first flight out of Dublin fit to eat a small horse, having earlier made the mistake to have breakfast in the lounge rather than at home. The DAA lounge has a fairly small breakfast offering, soda-bread or cereal, so in future pockets will be stuffed prior to leaving the house.

We decided we’d dedicate Tuesday to shopping in Westfield and quickly opted to pay a swift visit to Wahaca to eat our first real meal of the day. It was fairly empty when we arrived at around 2pm and we had no problem getting a table outside in the sun. We ordered some chips & salsa while the vegetarian went through the menu. The salsa was certainly fresh, but proved problematic to scoop up with the chips.

Wahaca White City

Food was finally chosen, Black beans & cheese quesadillas with a side of corn for the vegetarian and Chicken taquitos along with Chicken tinga tacos for me. Like most restaurants nowadays, we were told that the food will arrive as it is cooked, however everything came together.

The black bean & cheese quesadillas was in my opinion, the perfect vegetarian quesadilla. I did steal a bit to try, and at home would certainly make a good use for left over black beans. They’re nothing special to look at, but then again it’s pretty hard to make look pretty.

Wahaca White City

I was told the chicken tacos were hot, one of the reasons I ordered them. However didn’t find them very hot at all. While they were still very tasty, I didn’t notice much heat from the “extra-hot chipotle adobo”.

Overall, Wahaca is well worth a visit if you happen to be near one. To keep it simple – the food’s very good, it’s great value and is the perfect place for casual dining and a few drinks.


Wahaca White City
1074 Westfield Shopping Centre
Ariel Way
London W12 7GB

T: +44 (0) 20 8749 4517
E: whitecity@wahaca.co.uk
W: www.wahaca.co.uk

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